What are the timing rules for Ascension?

There have been plenty of questions involving the timing in how effects resolve if they happen at the same time. The most common of these is Monster rewards and Fate triggers happening at the same time.

To answer these questions, we wanted to show you the order in how effects resolve when you acquire or defeat something in the Center Row.

  1. The Center Row card is acquired and goes to your discard pile or is defeated and put in the Void.
  2. If playing with Dawn of Champions, add a Reputation token to your Champion placard if you have met correct criteria. If you have reached one of the final two Champion levels, it will trigger immediately.
  3. Replace cards in the Center Row until there are 6 cards in the Center Row from the Center Deck moving outward. The Dawn of Champions "Rally" effect will trigger at this point unless it is superseded by another effect on the card.
  4. Resolve Monster rewards from the Center Deck moving outward.
  5. Resolve anything that triggered off of defeating or acquiring the card/cards in the Center Row (such as Voidthirster).
  6. Resolve any Fate triggers in the order they appeared in the Center Row. If multiple Fates appear in your starting Center Row, they are resolved in the order of closest to the Center Deck and then moving furthest away.
  7. Resolve any effects triggered from Multi-Unite.
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