Are Mystics and Heavy Infantry infinite?

Many players enjoy mixing their Ascension sets together. Considering each set comes with additional Mystics and Heavy Infantry, it's difficult to determine how many should be included in a single, "mashed up" game.

In short, if you're playing with 2 players, the limit is 30 Mystics and 30 Heavy Infantry. If either pile runs out, you cannot add to it. If you're playing more than 2 players, we recommend including 10 additional Mystics and 10 additional Heavy Infantry per player. In other words, if you were playing a 4 player game, you'd include 50 Mystics and 50 Heavy Infantry.

In the event that you're playing with more than 4 players, capping the total at 50 Mystics and 50 Heavy Infantry should be more than enough to accommodate all players.

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