How do I spend Runes, Power, and Energy?

All Ascension sets include two primary resources: Runes and Power. When you put a card into play, that card will likely provide you with one of these resources. For each card you put into play, you add up the corresponding values of those resources and then spend those resources to either acquire a Hero or Construct (using Runes) or to defeat a Monster (using Power).

Here's an example:

  1. On your turn, you have one Mystic (which produces 2 Runes), 2 Apprentices (1 Rune apiece), and 2 Militia (1 Power apiece). In total, you have 4 Rune and 2 Power to spend.
  2. The Center Row contains a Hero that costs 1 Rune. You spend one of your 4 Runes and place the newly acquired Hero into your discard pile. You now have 3 Rune to spend and 2 Power.
  3. With your 3 remaining Rune, you now purchase another Hero found in the Center Row that costs 2 Rune, placing it in your discard pile. You now have 1 Rune and 2 Power.
  4. Following these acquisitions, there are no cards in the Center Row that cost either 1 Rune or 2 Power. You use your 2 Power to defeat a Cultist in the Always Available section of the board. The remaining 1 Rune goes unused and your turn ends. The 1 Rune does not carry over to your next turn.

In the Rise of Vigil block, a new resource was introduced: Energy. Unlike Runes and Power, Energy is a pooled resource. In other words, it does not decrease when used. If you have multiple cards that require Energy, you can use the pooled Energy to energize each of the cards.

Here's an example:

  1. On your turn, you have play three Energy Shards. This gives you a total of three Energy to use on your turn.
  2. You have two cards in your hand: one requires 3 Energy to energize, the other requires 2 Energy.
  3. Unlike Runes and Power, you do not need 5 Energy to energize the cards. Since Energy is a pooled resource, it does not decrease as you apply it to each card. The 3 Energy is enough to energize the card that requires 3 Energy and the card that requires 2 Energy.
  4. When you turn is over, just like unused Runes and Power, the pooled Energy does not carry over to your next turn.
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