How does Kythis, the Gatekeeper work?


If Kthis is banished and has a Hero, Construct, or Monster under it, the card found under Kythis will replace it in the Center Row.

If Kythis has an Event card under it when defeated, banish it. If Kythis is banished, the Event card attempts to enter the Center Row and becomes the Event and is then replaced with the next card. 

If Kythis has a a Fate card under it when defeated, it does not trigger. However, if Kythis is banished, the Fate card beneath it will trigger.

In the event that a Rat Queen enters the Center Row while Kythis is in play, set the reward card under Kythis to the side prior to shuffling the Center Row cards and placing Giant Rats on top of them. When the Giant Rat covering Kythis is banished or defeated, place the reward card back under Kythis.

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