How does The Looking Glass work?

The Looking GlassThe Looking Glass can be impacted by various cards that enter the game. For example...

  • If the top card from the Center Deck is an Event, it immediately goes into play.
  • If the top card from the Center Deck contains a Fate, it will trigger and affect all players.
  • If the top card from the Center Deck is a Treasure, place the Treasure card(s) under The Looking Glass and continue to draw cards from the Center Deck until you reach a non-Treasure card.
  • If a Vault Lich enters gameplay after the player has already placed a card with a Treasure under The Looking Glass, that card is not impacted by the Vault Lich's Fate effect.
  • Crystalline Monk cannot move Treasure cards found under The Looking Glass.

Note that only the player that has The Looking Glass in play may interact with it.

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