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BRazz November 22, 2013 SolForge Help

If you made a purchase via the in-app store, contact Steam for PC and Apple for iOS.  Once you receive payment confirmation from them, send that to us and we can locate your order.  If you purchase something from our website, send us your invoice ID number.  If you purchase something in the in-game store with gold, such as a booster pack, that is an in-game error, please follow the steps listed for that.

nick fiorillo January 14, 2015 SolForge Help

We've received some questions regarding the preconstructed decks available on Steam and how players can claim them on the appropriate account. 

The DLC is set up to credit the items to the next SolForge account you log into on Steam after purchasing them. This means that if you are a regular iOS user who wishes to purchase the Steam DLC, you will need to purchase the items and then log in so that you can claim them. Similarly, it means that if you use multiple SolForge accounts with the same Steam account, you should make sure you are logged into the one you wish to claim the DLC content on, since SolForge will automatically log you in with the most recent credentials used whenever you open the program.

If you have any issues with the Steam DLC, such as getting the items credited to the incorrect account, please contact us at support@stoneblade.com and we will work with you to fix your problem.